We meet at the following times most every other Friday:

  • 1:00-3:45 Team Policy Debate (Novice & Advanced)
  • 2:30-3:45 JV Public Forum debate
  • 3:45-5:00 Varsity Speech, JV/JR Speech



Varsity speech teaches students how to effectively prepare and present both pre-written and impromptu speeches. Students will receive individual instruction and coaching on drafting, memorizing, and delivering a speech on a topic of their choice.

Varsity speech is open to students 13-18 years old by January 1 of the academic year.

Junior Varsity  

This class offers an easy introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking and communication. Students will be introduced to the components of successful speech writing and delivery through fun, interactive exercises.

Junior Varsity speech is open to students 9-12 years old by January 1 of the academic year.


The goal of this class is to allow participants to become comfortable and confident with speaking in public. Students will memorize and practice presenting a short piece of prose or poetry of their choice.

Junior speech is open to students 5-8 years old by January 1 of the academic year.


Team policy debate 

Team policy debate is a high school program that trains home educated students in debate fundamentals and effective public speaking. Each year, participants debate a different change of U.S. domestic or international policy. This style of debate involves two teams, one advocating and one rejecting a policy change. Students construct their arguments based on evidence and expert opinion which they assemble in their research.

In-class activities and practice debates teach students to express arguments in an organized and persuasive manner from a biblical worldview.

Team policy debate is open to students 14-18 years old by January 1 of the academic year.

Public forum 

Public forum is an excellent introduction to debate, since it is more relaxed and informal than Team Policy Debate. Public forum teams must be prepared to advocate or reject a statement that expresses an opinion on a certain issue. The goal is to engage in a clash of ideas and persuasively communicate your stance on the proposition. The class requires basic computer skills and reliable, extended access to the Internet. Students should expect to do approximately 1 to 2 hours of homework between classes. 

Public Forum Debate is open to students ages 12 and 13 years old on January 1 of the academic year. With coach approval, it may also be open to younger 14 year-olds 

For Parents: A Message from the Coach

Radix exists to support parents in teaching and training their students. As such, parent participation has always been the backbone of our program. Much of debate and speech preparation occurs outside of class. Parental oversight and encouragement is essential. Parents will be provided with tips and tools to enable them to follow through with skills taught in class. Finally, a speaker needs an audience. Parents assume that role during class time and at tournaments.

There are many studies that show that students whose parents are involved in their activities perform better in those activities than those whose parents are not. Everyone… students, parents, teachers… has an important role.

What we need from you:

  • That at least one parent should plan to attend all but 2 classes, as well as the Educational Tournament and the CCofSE Richmond Tournament.
  • That you will catch the vision for what training in speech and debate can do to help equip your children to live out God’s Kingdom purposes in the world and prepare them for whatever He has for them in the future. 
  • That you will take time to listen and learn along with your children, not only so that you will be able to encourage them as they learn new skills, but so that you will expand your knowledge of speech and debate as well.  
  • That you and your children will build relationships with other like-minded families so that we may “encourage one another and build one another up”. (1 Thessalonians 5:11) 
  • That the coaching and speaking tips you learn in class will aid you in coaching your children at home. 
  • That your own research and logical thinking skills will be strengthened. 
  • That you have fun as we work and learn together. 
  • That you have faith this investment in your children’s education will bear abundant Kingdom fruit in the future. 

We are delighted you have decided to join us in this “adventure” and believe you will find it very rewarding. We are always open to your suggestions as to how we can make it a positive experience for all involved and are looking forward to getting to know you better.


Judy Britton