• Novice Policy Debate and Speech (Includes debate camp; open to new students ages 14-18): $225
  • Novice Policy Debate Camp only (Open to new students ages 14-18): $40
  • Advanced Policy Debate and Speech (Open to returning students 14-18): $125
  • Advanced Varsity Speech only (Open to returning students ages 13-18): $100
  • Public Forum Debate and Speech (Ages 12-13): $150
  • Public Forum Debate only (Ages 12-13): $125
  • Junior Varsity Speech only (Ages 9-12): $100
  • Junior Speech (Ages 5-8): $100

We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation. Please contact us to see how we can help.


Students will supply their own books and materials, and are expected to bring pens/pencils, paper, a three-ring binder, and any textbooks, research notes, homework, and handouts to every class. Policy and Public Forum debaters will also need to purchase (or borrow) a count down timing device (approximately $6).

Policy debaters will need a membership with Monument Publishing ($99).

It is recommended (but not required) that policy debaters purchase (or borrow) Keys to Team Policy Debate by Vance Trefethen (or an equivalent text), which is about $25.

You should also expect the following (approximate) additional fees:

  • $20 (per family) – CCofSE League affiliate fee (required for tournament participation)
  • $10 to $45 – tournament registration fees (per tournament attended)
  • Transportation and housing expenses to out-of-town tournaments (optional)


Routine communication with parents and students is primarily by email. For policy debate, we maintain records of each student’s completed homework and test scores. These are provided to parents, who then assign a grade for their own students. We welcome questions and comments from parents at any time about their child’s progress. We believe in open communication between leaders, parents, and students, and expect any concerns or issues that arise to be resolved according to the Biblical guidelines found in The Peacemaker’s Pledge.


Tuition payment is due in full with your registration form, unless you choose to pay in monthly installments. Please indicate on the form whether you will pay via PayPal or by mailing a check. If PayPal, please send payment to If mailing a check, please make it out to RHF-RADIX. We will send you a mailing address via email.

Should you choose the installment option, the first payment of $50 (non-refundable) is due when you submit your registration form, and you are agreeing to complete payment of the entire class tuition.

There will be no refunds for withdrawal at any time.